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Different Places to Visit in Switzerland

Switzerland is amongst the world's most beautiful places. This beautiful European country is landlocked and is geographically divided between the Central Plateau, the Alps, and Jura. Zurich and Geneva are known to be global cities and are economic centers of this country; Bern is the capital. Switzerland is amongst the richest countries in the world, according to per capita GDP. It is a small country that is extremely beautiful and has different mesmerizing locations. The attractions are near to each other and can be reached pretty easily. Switzerland has extremely tantalizing mountain resorts, forests, and lakes. It is also home to different museums, castles, and modern and ancient architecture. Below are different places you should not miss while in Switzerland.

St. Gallen – It is the seventh largest city in Switzerland and is home to numerous picturesque buildings and statues. The buildings have carved balconies and colorful murals. The twin-towered cathedral has extraordinarily beautiful stucco designs and ceiling frescoes. The city was founded by an Irish monk in 612 AD.

Swiss National Park – It is located in Zernez and features nearly 170 square kilometers of woodland and mountains. The National Park is home to large variety of wildlife, like red deer, ibexes, chamois, and marmots. It is full of breathtaking views and greenery.

Fasnacht Spring Carnival – The three-day carnival happens in Basel – country's second largest city. It is not to be missed as it features participants in colorful dresses and masks parading in the streets. The Fasnacht Spring Carnival starts on the Monday that falls after Ash Wednesday. Market, including bars, cafes are open through the night as sweets, confetti, and flowers are thrown and distributed to the crowd.

The Jungfrau Region – The region boasts spectacular, nearly-hypnotizing scenery. The region features snow-laden peaks of Jungfrau, Eiger, and Monch mountains. The white peaks look beautiful in contrast with green valleys of the Alpine. The place is highly picturesque. Take your DSLR along!

Mt. Pilatus – This 2,120-meter tall mountain stands near the lakeside city of Lucerne. A cable car enables the tourists to reach at the top of this beautiful mountain and enjoy the thrilling view.

Geneva – It is the third biggest city in Switzerland and is known for its beautiful shores hugging Lake Geneva. The city features enchanting museums, finest restaurants, and world's tallest fountain. The ones who love different types of arts, Geneva is a must-watch.

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Different Homemade Foods for Your Dog

Yes, the trend is changing. A lot of pet owners are now inquiring for homemade diet for their dogs and cats. They do not want their pets to be dependent on restaurant doggy bags or commercial feeds. A homemade food can be equally nutritious for your pet when compared to the commercially-available food. There has been a steady increase in number of pet owners who have been searching for a homemade diet for their pets. It clearly shows their love and concern towards their pets. Actually, the trend of serving homemade food to pets began about a decade ago, but a large number of people are still feeding their pets with the commercially-available pet foods. People are now more inclined to make food for their pets, too! Pets are like their children.

A lot of pet owners who cook food for their pets suspect the quality of commercial pet foods. They feel many a times that the commercial food is contaminated and stale. On the other hand, they prefer homemade food because it is made in a cleaner environment and is a lot fresh. A lot of pet owners want their pets to be healthy, so they feed them with fresh and healthy homemade food. However, people always face challenge in context to the nutritional value of homemade food. They are not able to decide upon how much of what is required and how many times, etc. A veterinarian can be of help in this case. The key is that the diet you prepare for your beloved pet should be a good source of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and fat.

You can feed your pets with a combination of lamb and rice, chicken and past, or beef and potatoes. These are appropriate combos of protein and carbohydrates.

Different types of vegetables also prove to be highly beneficial for your pets, as they are rich in nearly all essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

Foods that need to be avoided are onions, garlic, raisins, nuts, chocolate, grapes, raw meat, etc. The meat you serve to your dog should be cooked, as it reduces the risk of E. coli and salmonella.

Make sure you provide them sufficient supply of calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc, as these are highly essential for your pets' health. Veterinarians can be of great help to guide you on homemade food for your pets.

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